Patch Notes 1 (11/12/2020) (Updated)

TLDR: Fixed some crashes, allowed player 2 to play on the keyboard, and Minor player and boss fixes. No major character/boss changes.


  • Player 2 can now join on the keyboard using the jump key (by default player 2 has no keybinds. You must make those yourself). If you make a mistake you can unbind a key by using the backspace.
  • Changed the way textures are loaded for Linux support.
  • Added arrows to the assign controller menu to help with navigation
  • Controllers are no longer invisible in the assign controller menu.
  • The tutorial now shows you how to pause on the keyboard.
  • The ESC key is now another way to pause. 
  • You can now press the select button on your gamepad in the main title screen to access the menu instead of only using your mouse.
  • Moved the endless Ui a little to the left to stop the clipping from the screen.
  • REWORKED the saving system. Should now properly show your endless mode when you got past 9 (might need to play again).
  • FIX  (NEWGROUNDS ONLY)  Game no longer crashes when getting a medal when the medals didn't completely load.

Linux / Steam Deck

  • Added support for Linux (not properly tested since I don't have a real Linux machine. Let me know of any problems).
  • Added Semi-support for Steam Deck (Freeplay is unplayable at the moment).
    • Go to desktop mode on your Steam Deck
    • From your steam deck's web browser go to the page and download 'RushdownRivalsSteamDeck.AppImage' and put it somewhere you can locate it (recommend the desktop)
    • right-click the file and go to the permissions tab and make sure 'is executable' is checked
    • While still on desktop mode click launch steam, go to your library and click on 'Add a Game' on the bottom left. Click on 'Add a Non-Steam Game'. then click on the browse button
    • Locate the rushdown app image and go back to gaming mode. That's it!



  • FIX - Barrels are no longer visible on the Nevada map.

Cassette Girl

  • UPDATE - Lowered her parrybox on her up attack to be more consistent against biteybot's low sweep attack.


  • FIX - The punch after the chain now does damage from 0 (whoops)


Boyfriend Bot

  • FIX  - teleport bombs no longer make a very loud noise when dying.



  • FIX - mech no longer gets stuck in the map
  • FIX - moved floor to prevent enemies from getting stuck

Known bugs

  • I'm aware of the game randomly crashing. Still looking into it.

Thanks for your patience. I hope everyone is enjoying the game. No major updates for a while. Still working on Alloy :). I'll try to fix any major updates when I can! Let me know in or dm me on Newgrounds!

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