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- bots don't start unless hit or no human players



Be the last one standing to win. The game starts when one person dies.


The number on screen represents the amount of players that will be playing.

(2-4 players).

(The Application https://parsecgaming.com/ is recommended to play with people online)


Player 1:                      Player 2:                  Player 3:            Player 4:

Move : W,A,S,D       Move: T,F,G,H      Move: I,J,K,L    Move: Arrow Keys

Punch: Q                     Punch: R                  Punch: U             Punch: End

Parry: E                        Parry: Y                   Parry: O              Parry: PgDown

* Hold down and slap to slap upward.

* Tapping and hold the jump button varies height

* Spinning in the air means you have no more remaining jumps.

* Maximum of 2 jumps. Resets on the ground.

* You are able to wall jump. Resets jumps.

* Press the ESC key to pause.

GAMEPAD: (Might need to press a button to register controller)

Keyboard controls for that player is disabled when the gamepad is connected.

Assuming xbox controller:

A : Jump

X: Punch

Left Trigger: Parry

Right Trigger: Slap Up

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